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Your Top Five Healthy Staff Meals

A healthy and well-fed workforce is a productive and happy workforce. That’s why ensuring that staff meals are balanced and healthy has never been more important. Are you lacking ideas for nutritious meals that know how to deliver on taste? No problem! We’re happy to share five of our delicious choices with you. Here they come!

A Meaty Stew

Stews are a great option for healthy staff meals during the autumn and winter months. They are an ideal way to cook with what is in season as well. Combine good quality meat with seasonal vegetables such as parsnips, carrots, squash or pumpkin. Add in a few potatoes, tasty broth and a few additional herbs such as parsley, rosemary or thyme and you’ll start smelling a great kitchen aroma.

Stews are also a great dish for using the next day if you have a need. Just be sure to cool and store appropriately.

Vegetable Lasagna

Pretty much everyone loves lasagna! The great thing about this Italian favorite is that it has the potential to be completely versatile. Try using Quorn meat, or simply a good mixture of tasty vegetables and seasoning to deliver a good nutritious meal that may very well have staff coming back for seconds!

Egg Green Salad

Green salads are a great choice for filling staff up on nutrients, vitamins and feel-good foods. You don’t have to limit a green salad to lettuce and green onions though! Try throwing in some avocado, green peppers and even green fruit like apples, pears and kiwi.

Adding egg to a green salad keeps the meal balance. It provides a healthy helping of protein and will stop staff from having hunger pangs an hour after eating.

Roast Dinner

We can often have the wrong idea that a roast dinner is laden with calories and is a generally unhealthy choice. Actually, a roast dinner can provide a wealth of goodness! Firstly, be sure you are serving up a good cut of meat. Then cut out those fatty roast potatoes and choose baby boiled instead. Next pack the plate out with a choice of vegetables and provide a low fat gravy on the side. You see, roast dinners can be delicious and nutritious!

Kebabs and Rice

Kebabs have to be one of my favorite choices for having the look-good factor. It’s hard for anyone not to be tempted by a skewer hosting chunky peppers, mushrooms, onions and a few generous pieces of meat. Serve them up with boiled rice and a few dips and your staff will be asking for this choice to be a regular offering!

By the way, you don’t need to baste the kebabs in oil or fat to make them tasty. Just be sure to marinade the meat and vegetables you plan to use overnight and you’ll be in for a taste treat. Soy sauce, citrus juice, chili, herbs and spices all make great ingredients to a kebab marinade.

Fish and Greens

Fish is renowned for it’s healthy properties. Whichever type of fish you choose, be sure you don’t drown it in fat or overcook all the nutrients out of it. Instead choose a healthy cooking method and provide plenty of healthy greens on the side for a meal that will keep your staff feeling satisfied all day long.

Certainly, the meals our staff eat play a significant role in their performance, as well as their level of satisfaction at work. Whatever healthy meals you decide to try, be sure you take the necessary culinary steps to ensure they deliver on taste, as well as nutrition.